ACH Solutions

Using ACH payment processing, we’ll get your business up and running to save money over Credit Card processing in the new world of “Faster Payments”.

How Does ACH Work?

The ACH payment process is similar to the traditional paper check process: Clients provide their bank routing and checking account numbers. The payment is verified and sent electronically through our NACHA compliant system for an immediate transfer. Businesses often use ACH payment processing as an alternative to accepting paper checks and credit cards.

    ACH Payment Processing for Increased Savings

    Accept ACH payments through PayKings’s virtual terminal, which allows you to accept payments from any device with an Internet connection. Our ACH payment processing system integrates check readers to electronically deposit checks to your bank account, eliminating trips to the bank to manually deposit checks. We work seamlessly with any bank to make sure your electronic checks are deposited safely and efficiently. With eChecks, you can access your ACH transactions online to better manage your business, your payments and your customers.

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Our ACH Accounts and Plans Feature:

  • Support for all shopping carts(see list)
  • Multiple option payment gateways
  • Free PayKings payment plugin modules
  • Chargeback alerts and management
  • Robust reporting and Fraud-scrubbing

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